About InTouch

Our why

Success comes from being 'in touch' with your audience by really understanding what they think and feel.

A route map for your marketing plans


We have effective processes that, if harnessed, will help you develop successful marketing campaigns. After all, without a plan, how do you know where you are going?


  • We stay in touch with how communication works

  • We have a valuable understanding of audiences' needs and desires

  • We understand the numerous communication channels and so provide clients with Sherpa-type guidance to select the right path for their business

  • We design creative solutions that differentiate clients’ businesses in their markets and so increase their profile and customer base positively

  • We focus on getting great results in the most cost-effective way for your brand possible

  • We talk in your language! We don't baffle you with jargon


Who we are… introducing the key people


Intuition and expertise


Why we do something is fundamentally linked to why customers buy.


From the very beginning our vision has been to match our clients’ ambitions with objective and comprehensive marketing advice, implemented with effective creative design.


We have a passion for getting into the thick of the action and really getting under the skin of a business. We combine our expertise with a good dollop of intuition. Intuition borne out of serious experience of working with brands big and small.


Having an open mind is essential. But challenging and questioning is equally vital. It's all about being 'in touch'. In touch with the world around us, being able to take the temperature of what's going on out there, understanding what audiences really think and feel.


Understanding your audience


Developing the prospect database is a challenge for any business.


Audiences are savvy and choice is overwhelming. Understanding who your audience is and what they want to hear is the first square on your board. There are no short cuts, unless you fancy taking a leap into the unknown! But we're assuming your brand is too important to be quite so flippant.


Plan, or just be lucky!


There is no magic wand. There is only one certified way to grow your business and brand: planning.


Good planning and excellent people to carry out the plan. People who understand what’s required and ask the right questions and then people who are brilliant at thinking creatively.


Our experience ensures we do things properly. The right audience segmentation, developing effective messages, then delivering those messages in the right places with disruptive creative execution.


No kidding, creativity really works


Be brave. Be creative. Because no one aspires to being average.


Bland communication doesn't work. Fact. And getting it wrong takes up more time than getting it right.


Let us help your brand stand out in a crowded market. Humans are hot wired to notice things that are different. Our creative thinkers are hot wired to come up with disruptive ideas. The right formula for making ripples.




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