Andy Barker

If something touches me emotionally, I feel that life is good! So that’s what I try to do in my work – touch the senses, move people to remember.

Joining InTouch was a revelation. It allowed me to bring skills that I had gained working in the hot houses of London branding and corporate literature agencies as a graphic designer to a more commercially focused activity – marketing.


I suddenly found myself designing creative direct mail pieces for a living – and it felt like a holiday! My new role meant dealing with compact and precise projects that required imagination, and fewer words, as opposed to the lengthy annual reports I had become accustomed too. Designing became fun again.


Don’t get me wrong, what I learned about design and print from my past mentors and colleagues at Design House, Michael Peters and CGI London was incredibly valuable, and a six-year period working for myself helped me improve my understanding of the importance of the agency/client relationship. These experiences taught me high standards that are still imperative.


So, although we are a small team, the benefit of having a multi-disciplinary background is that we can offer a broad range of integrated services to our clients. Together we have experience to help across the mix, from marketing strategy, to brand development, to web design, to SEO.


The decision to join back in 2001 was easy. Andrew’s positivity, professionalism and passion for marketing was addictive. It was an approach that was quite refreshing – getting to the heart of a client’s needs, even challenging what they wanted to do, to ensure the approach would be as effective as possible.


Sixteen or so years on, new channels have appeared, but the basic principles persist: understand your audience, develop a roadmap, have great ideas, produce standout creative, get the message across. It’s easy really!


What inspires me?


There are lots of reasons why people buy products or services, but the one thing that floats my boat is good ideas, beautifully executed. It could be anything really; a painting, or a paragraph, or music, or a film or a beautiful book. If it touches me emotionally, I feel that life is good! So that’s what I try to do in my work – touch the senses, move people to remember. Because if they feel good, they will feel good about that brand.



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