What we do

Why choose InTouch for Branding and Design?


  • We are expert brand consultants. We have helped develop new brands from scratch and refreshed older ones to meet the demands of a changing marketplace

  • We are experienced at new brand name generation

  • We offer an integrated approach: we can develop brands strategically and visually, then implement the messaging. A complete service

  • We can comfortably work in pertnership with other agencies if required

  • We have developed a branding process that keeps the project on track with a series of logical signposts


Case Study


International House


Our relationship with International House, one of the world’s biggest language schools, began with a phone call. “Can you help us audit our brand?”


This was the catalyst for a rolling brief from IH over what has become a seven year relationship. MORE

Branding & Design

Great branding creates a short cut to a sale. But you need a good recipe.

Brands are created


It is only natural to look for the golden bullet. We all crave instant success.


Whether it’s an easy way to lose weight, or gain more hair, or make lots of money, it’s only human to believe in such unlikely promises.


But the reality is that unless you are offering something so amazing that everyone just has to have it (product or service) then you can’t skip the basics: understanding your audience, developing the right brand values and messaging, then delivering it consistently across the most effective channel… and being patient! It’s hard work and it's tempting to abandon the project before it's really fully developed. Or launch it half baked.


Great brands are created and built over time. They develop promises that resonate with the audience and, by meeting or even exceeding them, deliver a credible brand that people trust and talk about.


Once a brand has reached a high level of recognition amongst its audience its value and purpose become a short cut to selling its goods and services.


Good design works


Design has a really important role to play in the process; good design can elevate your brand and give it a real advantage.


At InTouch we understand how to build brands.


Head and heart


All good branding, design, and advertising comes from two vital skills coming together: thorough planning and inspired thinking. Call it head and heart.


Designing for brands has a strong element of instinct, developed through an understanding of the visual language of communication. So choosing the right images, colours and typeface for example can be intuitive.


However, the ethos of a brand, its why, is a vital foundation on which to place the first bricks. We have developed a critical process for understanding the values and positioning of a brand which in turn helps bring colour to its personality.




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