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InTouch Marketing were the natural choice due to their knowledge, understanding of the market and their ability to pull the project together. Their commitment to understand the brief and our end goal has proved invaluable; I would highly recommend Andrew and his team.

Michael Lowdell





Vehicle retailers exist to shift cars, preferably new ones. There are many websites that offer used and new cars to consumers but, in many cases, when buying a new car, there can be a delay if the exact spec the customer is after is not available from the retailer's stock.


The customer then either has to wait, or search elsewhere, which can be very time consuming.


The idea of CarWizz is to make the largely invisible vehicle stock visible to all on one website.


Our brief was to bring this concept to reality, in terms of a physical website that could do the job, a brand that would appeal to consumer and retailer audiences, and a marketing strategy to launch the concept.


What we did


With complex projects such as this that depend on managing a huge amount of data, meticulous planning is absolutely vital. Our strength lies in identifying the specific tasks and putting together the right team to make it happen.


It is the sort of project that demands a huge amount of strategic thinking across a range of disciplines, such as developing the customer journey and user experience, planning the launch marketing strategy, and developing the brand essence and visual identity.


Added value


Our client had previously approached two other agencies. Both were unable to deliver the website; it's a complex project!


Over the years we have developed a pragmatic approach to these types of complex projects and have formed crucial partnerships with expert suppliers to help deliver them. We believe this versatility is one of our core strengths.

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