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It was clear we had partnered with a firm that has considerable experience across the entire range of communications… They had all the ‘bigger pictures’ in mind… InTouch knew what questions to ask, in addition to being able to provide excellent answers.

Gail Anderson

Head of Communications and Marketing

Oxford University Department of Continuing Education



ContEd is an important educational arm of Oxford University, offering over 1,000 part time courses across a wide range of subjects to people who want to continue learning.


As they eloquently put it themselves, their audience is “Anyone with a pulse”!


InTouch was commissioned to design a new website for the department that would portray ContEd as a modern, accessible, exciting and welcoming place to learn. Probably the most important part of the brief was to deliver a design that enabled easy navigation: the website is a critical sales tool for the department, delivering all registrations.


What we did


As with all projects, we began by putting ourselves in the audiences’ shoes, asking what they currently know, think and feel about ContEd. Even with such a wide audience demographic it is possible to identify general perspectives. One view was concern around the association with Oxford University. The website needed to convince prospective students that this was something open to all, not an elite few, whilst still being proud to be part of an exceptional educational brand.


Working closely with ContEd’s own excellent in-house web development team, we cultivated a theme around ‘curiosity’ and our design reflected the new desired impression for being an exciting, open place for discovery and learning, through the use of new images, colours and importantly, messages.


As well as the look and feel, another key part of the brief was to deliver a set of technical guidelines for the developers to follow.


Added value


Working with InTouch allows clients to benefit from a wide range of integrated skills, from strategy, to concept to production, meaning a consistency of approach within agreed budget parameters.

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