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Why choose InTouch for Digital Marketing?


  • We have an expert team that understands and can deliver cost-effective solutions across your digital marketing requirements

  • We are experienced digital planners and executers with in house designers

  • We are experienced at developing brands in the digital space

  • We can help you improve your ranking and conversion rate


Case Study




The idea of CarWizz is to make the largely invisible vehicle stock visible to all on one website. The project demanded handling a massive amount of data and making it easily available to consumers. MORE

Filling in the gaps


The explosion of opportunities for businesses to sell and market online is almost overwhelming.


When you consider the irrepressible rise of online social media activity and the increasingly sophisticated media tools and channels at our disposal with the potential for global reach, it can be argued that online is the most powerful communication channel ever.


However, it is just a communication channel, and as with all messaging platforms our approach is the same; we make a plan!


InTouch will help build a clear communication strategy which harnesses and integrates the most effective digital channels to market for your business.


Where this involves web, we can plan, design and manage websites that will engage and communicate with your target audience, enhancing your brand values and delivering clear and interactive content.


Mobile web development


You wake up, you check your mobile. If you’re not someone who does this on a daily basis, nor checks your mobile over 50 times a day, you’re now officially in the minority. In 2015 mobile devices became the most popular way of accessing the internet. So if your website is not designed and optimised to be user-friendly on a mobile device it needs to be!


All websites we design now are responsive and mobile friendly. Mobile technology also goes beyond web to incorporate SMS and location based marketing functionality, for example, harnessing technologies that can boost your outreach and ability to really engage with your customers.


So, when you wake up tomorrow, and you’re checking your mobile, check the performance of your own website. Does it do everything you’d like it to do? Or are you losing customers and the engagement war?




Potential customers and clients will either find your website or they will find those of your competitors. That is the cold reality with search engines. Many businesses feel that having a website is enough and so do not spend any of their marketing budget on web marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).


SEO is the process or strategy by which a website achieves high rankings in search engine results, when people search for the related keywords that are associated with their services and products.


High rankings in search engines means increased visibility, more visitors, and greater trust in your brand and help you get to potential customers before your competitors.


Why not talk to us to find out more about how our search services can effectively help promote your business online?


Pay Per Click advertising


The beauty of PPC advertising is that your ads will only be displayed once someone has searched for your product or service which means you are displaying your advert to people with a real interest. Now that’s targeted!


PPC gives our clients the opportunity to engage and promote their products or services instantly, with real time analytics, and with monitoring and tracking we can scale the campaign to our clients' needs.


InTouch can help you keep pace with and master your online marketing through PPC Advertising. As with all communication, we will help build a strategy that harnesses and integrates one of the most effective online channels to market for your business.






Digital Marketing

If you’re not someone who wakes up and checks their mobile on a daily basis, nor checks your mobile over 50 times a day, you’re now officially in the minority.

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