International House



Our relationship with International House, one of the world’s biggest language schools, began with a phone call. “Can you help us audit our brand?”


This was the catalyst for a rolling brief from IH over what has become a seven year relationship.


From our initial work on auditing and then refreshing the IH brand we have delivered solutions to briefs that have covered a large range of requirements.


What we did


Learning a language is all about change and wanting to improve your life. In close partnership with IH, InTouch developed a central brand essence which could carry the ideas of the brand through all its future communications: ‘Changing Worlds’. In other words, the brand's 'why'.


We have not only helped them reshape their global branding, but developed working relationships with many of their 150 plus affiliate schools worldwide, designing brochures, ads, digital ads, websites, and many, many other pieces of marketing collateral.


Added value


InTouch offers a very broad range of skills.


We have experience at tackling large rebranding projects and then taking the results forward into live communications. We believe that working with a client side-by-side over a number of years has huge benefits to both parties. We grow a better understanding of our client’s culture and audiences which ensures we deliver more relevant and effective communications. By having the skills to cover more areas of activity also means more value for our clients.


International House World Organisation






Branding, Design, Marketing Consultancy



2010 – present

I can say without hesitation or reservation, that we have never regretted the decision to employ InTouch.

Monica Green

Executive Director

International House World Organisation

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