Key people

By working only with experts in their field we will provide the most comprehensive thinking and the most creative ideas.

We will create a team of experts to deliver your needs


InTouch is geared to help people with ideas bring them to life in the commercial world.


Getting to the heart of an issue is what we do best.


In fact, we can’t think of any other way of going about things because anything else is just a hunch. We will wear ourselves out finding out about a client’s market as well as putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer.


Only then can we provide true objectivity.


Please note, if you just want ‘yes’ people then we’re not for you. We’ll challenge conventional views and develop clear planning strategies because knowing what you’re going to do and why kind of makes sense.


Interestingly, although we’ve picked up one or two useful things on our travels, we’re far from know-it-alls. Every day is different. Every brand has its own set of issues. Every brief is a new challenge.





Key Associates

Data drives good communication. Paul has extensive, detailed industry knowledge across the data marketing mix, including many specialist areas customer data strategy, analytics, and technology, CRM System Requirement Definition and  Customer Experience Design.

Louise is an extremely experianced and capable crisis management and communications consultant. She has developed crisis plans, run simulations, handled issues, assessed risks and trained executives, crisis handlers and PR professionals across a range of industries and countries.

Charlotte has over 20 years media planning and buying agency experience. Her specialism is primarily in developing media solutions that will maximize ROI and aid the delivery of a client’s commercial goals.

Paul Weston

Data Consultant

Louise Raisbeck

Crisis Management Consultant

Charlotte Beresford

Media Planning and Buying Consultant

Andrew Gerrard

Managing Director

I work with or for a number of leading digital marketing, web design and branding agencies either full time or as a consultant. Over this time, and since working with InTouch, I have worked with clients ranging from small local businesses or start-ups to national and international brands across a number of different industries.



InTouch began as an idea on the back of an envelope over 18 years ago. Since then we've worked with some of the UKs best brands and businesses. Clients often don’t have enough time to think through all the issues and actions that present themselves. We can play a vital role by giving you perspective and objectivity.

Ideas are my air. Good creative can make someone stop in their tracks and say “Wow”. We want to help you make the brave decisions needed to create desire for your brand, products and services. In my experience, if an idea scares you, you’re probably onto something!

Matthew Taylor

Digital Consultant

Andy Barker

Creative Director

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