What we do

Why choose InTouch for Marketing Consultancy?


  • We have extensive experience working on marketing projects across a variety of industries

  • We are expert consultants. We bring objectivity and ideas to your strategic objectives and marketing plans to ensure you are more likely to achieve your goals

  • We work with you to provide a reliable and experienced pair of hands

  • We agree a budget so you know what you are getting for your money

  • We learn. In the fast changing world of communications our team keeps pace with new technologies and channels

  • We get results. With robust planning, close teamwork and distinctive creativity we are more likely to successfully achieve your objectives


Marketing Consultancy

We can help you build a strategy that works, develop cut-through messaging, delivered with potent creative.

Our purpose


Our role is clear: to help your brand or business succeed.


The depth of our involvement varies depending on your requirements, from one-off projects to much wider reaching services such as defining your long term marketing strategy and delivering full creative solutions.


We always begin with the audience, develop a strategy and select channels that deliver the message most effectively. Therefore, we consider every channel to have potential, with a recommendation based on our collective understanding of your target audience’s habits.


The added advantage of utilising the complete range of our services is that it offers you greater value because the approach can be applied more consistently and efficiently across a wide range of communications.


Experience counts


We’ve been in marketing communications for a long time and we believe that our experience is valuable to helping our clients promote and grow their business.


Many clients have come to us with horror stories about how agencies had let them down through poor communication and lack of understanding.


Our philosophy with communication is to cut to the chase. Our process is simple – we provide an objective analysis of your communication issues, develop the right approach and implement effective solutions. It’s all about using our experience and ideas to get your message across effectively.


Understanding your business


We treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. We believe in working in partnership. That means we quickly get to the heart of your brand, its values, and where you see your business going in the future. Only by understanding where you’ve come from, your marketing goals and what your brand's why for can we put together a cohesive plan to develop your business effectively.


There are many tools that we can employ to help analyse the performance of your marketing. This in turn will have an influence on its future direction.


We have also developed processes which help to streamline your decision making.



Case Study




BOS approached InTouch to help brand and create a marketing strategy to launch a new business development training programme.


As a pure business to business product we settled on a name that was easy to understand and, of course, would work online and resonate in the context of the B2B environment. MORE

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