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2013 – present



Murrays Healthcare own a large number of pharmacies across the Midlands. They recognised a need to freshen up their branding across their branches and reinforce their heritage as a local family business to better compete with larger pharmacy groups.


What we did


We began, as we always do, by asking a lot of questions, in order to get to the heart of the brand and what it really stands for. Mood boards showing audience, colour, type and imagery are great at quickly helping to create a feel for a brand and in this case they helped us sketch out some key values for the brand with our client.


A pharmacy can be many different things to many different people, from a place to collect prescriptions, to a place to get advice on general healthcare, buy cosmetics, sunglasses, or even household products. In this case, a positioning of ‘A pharmacy first’ was felt to be the best fit.


On this platform, we developed a new logotype and look and feel for the Murrays brand, applied it to shop fronts and internal signage and vehicles. Always innovating, we are currently helping Murrays to brand a new loyalty type card called Murrays Plus which will potentially help customers get access to additional health related services.


Added value


As we often say, the best work comes from a proper and often long-term partnership. When agency and client have a good understanding it can mean that much of the thinking happens in the background without a brief because we care as much about the business as our client.

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