Sanibel represents a group of psychotherapists who had traditionally worked within the NHS system but who want to develop an independent private business and a new brand identity.


What we did


Starting with the audience, we worked closely with Sanibel to develop a number of brand positioning and creative concepts exploring the parameters of branding in a psychotherapy context. The aim was to differentiate Sanibel’s services whilst being mindful of a sensitive audience. For many the stigma attached to the belief that they are or could be mentally ill becomes a huge barrier to seeking help. Often, people feel isolated. Some people indeed have serious problems, but others are just struggling to cope with life’s pressures.


The culmination of our teamwork was the emergence of a strong underlying theme: 'talking', ie that talking through difficult issues in an environment of understanding without the ‘production line’ and often prescription-based solutions offered by the NHS was hugely preferable for sufferers. InTouch took this idea and developed a new brand name that epitomized this: ‘Two Minds Better’.


We also created a series of communication concepts that were exposed to audience-based research. The results suggested that the simpler the concept, the clearer the message received. Not surprising maybe but, considering the subject matter, the ‘ads’ had to work hard to get the right balance and tone of voice.


Added value


At InTouch we care passionately about the success of our clients’ businesses. We won’t leave a stone unturned if we believe there’s value in turning it. That means that we won’t settle for average. We know that an incredible amount of marketing effort is wasted due to mediocrity! And that good brand names that can be protected are like gold dust.








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