Shire Warwick Lewis



Shire Warwick Lewis is a brand new private bank aimed at high net worth individuals.


Our initial brief was to consider a positioning for the new SWL brand and develop a brand look and feel plus a new website.


What we did


The services that SWL offer target a very select audience. Understanding that audience was key to creating a new brand that they felt they could trust and have confidence in.


Our proposal was to create a Swiss watch: a careful balance between something that looked beautiful and elegant but functioned with perfection. Our initial concepts pushed this idea into a unique space, using beautiful black and white photographs which reflected the ideas of elegance and simplicity.


However, the client felt that this was too abstract for an audience that is generally more tuned in to the practical workings of the financial world.


We changed tack and began to focus on more familiar territory: global finance. What the resulting brand lacks in originality makes up for by being something our client felt much more comfortable presenting to its customers.


As part of the marketing collateral, we also designed a range of beautiful brochures and folders printed with the highest production standards.


Added value


We're flexible. We work as part of our client's team to achieve the best results for all stakeholders. That can mean compromise on our part, even when we feel strongly about our approach.


Shire Warwick Lewis






Branding, Design, Digital, Marketing Consultancy




Initial black and white 'Simplicity is beautiful' concept

Final brand look and feel

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