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InTouch asked questions about Spencer that really focused our direction… They came back with an elegant, modern and brilliant identity and a vision about how to deliver our product. It was challenging, highly effective and above all great fun.


Spencer Education






Marketing Consultancy, Branding, Design




Dr. Bryn Williams

Consultant Clinical Psychologist



Spencer Education have developed a web-based assessment tool to support children’s learning in school, especially those with behaviour and mental health issues, a hugely important and topical area.


What we did


Spencer had two very urgent requirements; to quickly develop a brand identity with a sharpened look and feel that could help the brand present a distinctive impression, and an idea to help launch the product at the Education Show in Birmingham.


The new logo reflects the ethos that every child is unique, and requires a unique and considered approach in terms of education. Teachers often don’t have the time to develop special programmes for children who struggle to keep up, concentrate or develop. The Spencer programme helps identify children who would benefit from a more bespoke teaching approach, and delivers practical advice and interventions to help make a real difference.


Spencer is an acronym, and the seven different coloured triangular shapes represent the concept that all children, indeed people, are different. They also create a palette of seven colours to represent the themes of the programme.


For the show we created a series of panels with the headline ‘What would help you enjoy teaching more?’, encouraging delegates to hand write their answers onto the panels. In this way, it allowed teachers to open up about some of their frustrations around teaching and encouraged debate around teaching methods for individual pupils.


Added value


At InTouch we like to think we provide more than just design and marketing to solve our clients’ challenges. Where we can, we aim to support our clients, their products and services with a genuine passion for their success. Investing more than the budgeted time is the norm.

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