What's your why?

Whatever your aim, whether you're a small start up or working for a large brand, really understanding what your brand stands for is critical to connecting with your audience.

What's your why?


We admit, this might not be an easy question to answer.


First, we assume you want to succeed and in most cases this means financially. Succeeding and making money however is not the why we are after. It's not a strong enough reason for your audience buy your products and certainly doesn't differentiate your brand!


Your why will be much more emotive. You might discover it by starting with "Wouldn't it be great if …".


For some brands their why is connected to price point, but for many it is much more aspirational and sets out to deliver a promise that the audience finds engaging and wants to be a part of.


Once discovered, a strong brand why will become the differentiator on which everything the brand does is built. So its personality, communications, tone of voice, where and how it does business and with who. It is the brand's soul.


Developing your brand essence


At InTouch we see the brand essence as a summation of the brand's why: it is the brand's ethos as communicated in the simplest terms, and is at the centre of the brand's values. It is the spark that ignites people's interest in your brand over your competitor.


Once established, the essence can be used to monitor direction and activity. Is your brand being true to its essence?


Be single minded


Once you have found your why, nurture it! Keep it close and keep going. And be consistent.


Be authentic, match aspirations


Audiences are savvy, audiences are us! Think about your own experiences interacting with brands, whether good or bad. It should help you understand how important staying true to your brand promise is.


It takes hard work building an authentic and positive aura around your brand. It is achievable through delivering the brand experience and products or services to the level of your audiences' expectations. Losing credibility means the audience can quickly lose confidence.

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